Pirate Cat Radio, Bay Area Open Mic Venue

Pirate Cat Radio

Called "Common Threads," this is Diamond Dave Whitaker's latest enterprise: a live Open Mic event on 87.9FM Pirate Cat Radio featuring "Poets, story tellers and song writers." This is a super cool, friendly little cafe in the Mission with a not-so-secret identity as a pirate radio station. Performers either enter the studio proper to sit at a mic behind the glass or stay in the cafe among the customers to do their thang standing up at a mic in the front window.

Charming hostess Pam signs people up while Diamond Dave does his magic in the studio. Dave is one of San Francisco's originals, a regular at the 16th and Mission Open Mic and former host of the Brainwash Open Mic, not to mention just a legit dude altogether.

Read about my visit there on the bay area open mic blog.

  • Signup: 3:30pm First come, first served
  • Legnth: 4 to 6pm
  • MC: Diamond Dave Whitaker (though Pam tends to run the sign-up sheet)
  • Terms: One apiece, folks!
  • Sound: Live and on the air!
  • Info: 2781 21st Street , San Francisco , 94110 | (415) 341-1199