The Starry Plough, Bay Area Open Mic Venue

The Starry Plough

Two blocks south of Ashby on Shattuck, the Starry Plough Irish pub has welcomed her Tuesday open mic crowds since 1993. One of the most characteristically "bay area" of all the open mics, in 1996 The Plough earned the prestigious title, "the best open mic in the bay area" and has been keeping the fire lit ever since.

There is a feature at 10.30pm who plays for 20 mins - the feature is often the performer with the best crowd response from the previous week. There is trivia to win a free beer (free beer!) between acts for correct or humorous answers.

Very popular and welcoming, this playful open mic is not for the faint of heart or short of patience. In the 90's I used to head down to the Plough every Tuesday. It remains one of the most eclectic and enthusiastic open mic experiences in the bay area.

Having opened in 1972, 2012 marked the 40th anniversary of The Plough and the 12th of which Joan has been at the helm of the open mic night.

  • Signup: 7.30 pm walk-in
  • Legnth: 8pm to last call
  • MC: Joan Pez
  • Terms: 2 songs
  • Sound: Good; the place'll get dead quiet for you if you play the right thing.
  • Info: 3101 Shattuck Ave , Berkeley , | (510) 841-2082